Internet Killed The Reality Star

It was dubbed the biggest chart battle in years, and for the last seven days it was definitely the most exciting in living memory, but it was Rage Against The Machine who were celebrating after they beat Joe McElderry to the Christmas number one.

Throughout the week the midweek sales figures showed it was neck and neck, but a final push via social networking sites Facebook & Twitter coupled with the bad weather helped the American rockers' 1992 single ‘Killing In The Name’ sell 500,000 copies compared to 450,000 of the X-Factor champ's single ‘The Climb’.

A Facebook campaign was started in protest at the X-Factor’s Christmas number one monopoly at the beginning of December and wanted to stick it to Mr Nasty by attempting to make RATM the festive top of the pops. The group now has nearly 1 million members.

Talking on Twitter, Joe McElderry was magnanimous in defeat: ‘Hey guys thankyou to everybody that bought the single and supported me! Well done to ratm for a interesting chart battle xx’

RATM guitarist, Tom Morrello, told 6 Music that the band intend on celebrating by playing darts, eating fish and chips and knocking back a pint at an English themed pub in Los Angeles, where they’re based. Tom also confirmed there will be a free Rage gig in the UK in 2010 to celebrate their power-to-the-people victory.

'Killing In The Name' is the first download-only UK Christmas number one.

Cheryl Cole.......Danni Minogue........Louie Walsh........ITV........Simon Cowell...............Simon Cowell can you hear me? Your boy took a hellava beating.

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