Iron Maiden win greatest album poll

It’s almost enough to make you believe in satanic pacts. A public poll to find the best British album of the last 60 years has bypassed such also-rans as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Clash or The Smiths and decreed that the finest example of British popular music from the last six decades is in fact The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden.

The enthusiastic headbangers who filled in the poll to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee were HMV customers. Her Majesty would no doubt approve of their choice, which received 10% of the votes cast.

Bruce Dickinson, the Iron Maiden frontman and sometime airline pilot, said, "We're astonished and delighted to hear The Number of the Beast has been named Number One. Some of the most influential and classic albums from the past 60 years were in the running so it’s a testament to our incredibly loyal and ever-supportive fans who voted for us."

Resisting the temptation to gloat over the surviving members of The Beatles and Stones, he added, "Iron Maiden is a proudly British band, so to win this category as voted for by the British public, in Jubilee year, is very special. Thank you to all our wonderful fans!"

Depeche Mode’s Violator album was second in the poll, with The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper scraping into third place. Pink Floyd, Oasis and Queen also featured in the top ten. Inevitably, Adele made the top ten too, although her 21 only made it to number 9.

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