Is it an actor, is it a beard? No it's Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix has added yet another string to his bow, teaming up with P - (sort your name out) Diddy to produce an album that will reportedly see Phoenix busting lyrics as a rapper.

A rapper? Really? Hmmm. The project is being documented by Casey Affleck who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, plans to make a feature length movie out of the budding career. While career might be the wrong word, in his defence, Joaquin has been brilliant at everything he’s done so far, so maybe, just maybe, he’ll pull it out the bag. It’s a long shot, but an entertaining one.

Update: sadly Joaquin didn't pull it out of the bag - in fact from the looks of things it was never even in the bag. His debut performance in Las Vegas saw the beardy ex actor looking more drunk uncle at a wedding than skilled poet of the people. Falling off the stage at the end definitely didn't help either.

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