Is nothing sacred?

We didn't mind the X Factor when all they used to sing was songs from the Lion King - we didn't like those anyway - but now that the contestants have started butchering songs we quite like, we're not happy.

First Alexandra Burke warbled her (surprisingly OK) version of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' to the number one slot. Now, Simon Cowell's armies of the night are set to do horrible things to David Bowie's timeless classic, 'Heroes'.

In fairness, it is for the annual finalists' charity single, so the millions of moolah it will no doubt make won't be lining Cowell's pockets but going instead to the Help For Heroes charity. But this also means that instead of one inept singer carrying the whole thing, this'll feature all 16 finalists taking it in turns to try and out-Mariah each other.

The horror begins November 7.

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