Is Robbie Williams back with Take That?

Robbie Williams is currently writing new material with his former bandmates from Take That according to reports in the Daily Mail.

Alan Partridge's favourite paper claims that Williams has been working in the studio with the recently reformed boyband for the first time in 15 years and could be set to join them on stage in the most emotional reunion since Nigel Tufnel teamed back up with Spinal Tap.

Williams, whose new album 'Reality Killed the Video Star' is released later this year, is said to have attended Mark Owen's stag do in New York where he met up with his former bandmates. An unnamed source told the Mail that: 'He is back with Take That in the studio. They're all writing together. Robbie wouldn't be happy performing old Take That songs that he has had no part in.

'If they pen new tracks they're all happy with, they'll record them and Robbie will be back with them on stage.' If the reports are correct it appears that Williams has gotten over any grudge that he held towards his former bandmates Gary Barlow, Jason Orange, Howard Donald and Mark Owen.

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