Is Taylor Swift One Direction's Yoko Ono

In possibly the most ludicrous loss of perspective since a die-hard Justin Biber fan derided Kurt Cobain for having less Twitter followers than her hero, reports were filtering through yesterday that One Direction were on the verge of suffering a ‘Yoko Ono’ moment.

Before you spit your coffee all over the screen at any comparison between One Direction and The Beatles and demand to know which particular satirical site started these rumours, the fact is that this was all said with a straight face by someone who apparently meant it.

18 year old heartthrob Harry Styles from the band has been dating Taylor Swift and according to someone reliably named by The Sun as ‘the source’, tensions in teenland over their relationship have risen to fever pitch.

The trigger seems to have been one of those situations we’ve all been in. You know – that awkward moment when your mate jumps on his girlfriends’ private jet instead of roughing it with the rest of the proles. Swift has a few quid and is of course the scarlet ‘older woman’ in this tempestuous tale – what with her being a mature 22. So anyway –Hazza apparently ditched his bandmates to swan off on the executive jet – and suddenly he’s John Lennon.

The font of wisdom known only as ‘the source’ said: “There was loads of room for the rest of the band in Taylor’s luxury jet but he didn’t even suggest they travelled together. It’s really not far off from the Yoko situation”

Maybe the poor lad wanted to join the Mile High Club without an audience?

Bandmates have hastened to dampen down the rumours with Louis saying "I'm happy they're good friends”, while Liam added that he thought she was a "really lovely girl".

Meanwhile – over in Nashville – her label boss, Troy Tomlinson, said: “If you’re going to do Taylor Swift wrong as a boy, you’ll wind up in a song.” I think we are all breathless to see how this plays out.

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