Is that Morrissey over there?

They say never meet your heroes, but what if they make the effort to come and meet you? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a Smithsfan who was downing a few pints at their leaving do.

An employee from Warner Music Group had their leaving do at the Bumpkin pub in London’s Notting Hill on Thursday, and as everyone was doing the normal 'leaving do' thing of sharing old stories and saying their final goodbyes, none other than Morrisseyturned up to join the party. Mozzer walked up to the departing member of staff, shook their hand and presented them with a copy of David Bowie’s album ‘Station to Station’ signed by Moz himself.

According to The Sun the recipient was a little taken aback by the surprise guest, ‘No-one could quite believe it when Morrissey turned up, least of all the fella whose party it was. He could barely speak when Mozza went over to him. He handed him his gift and wished him all the best. It was priceless.’

The Smiths were signed to the Warner’s record label back in the '80s.

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