Isle Of Wight gets a line-up

Christmas may be on the agenda for most instead of getting wasted on over-priced fermented apples in a field somewhere in the middle of Hampshire, but this hasn’t stopped a festival heavyweight announcing the first act to play next years Isle Of Wight festie.

Last years legendary island festival saw Sir Paul McCartney, The Strokes and Jay-Z wow the drunk revelers but how the ‘eck on planet Earth are they going to match-up to that fine billing? Well, three words...Kings Of Leon. According to Isle Of Wight festival booker himself John Giddings the Followill siblings will make their only UK festie appearance of 2011 when they headline on Friday 11th June.

No other acts have been confirmed to play the event but if this is enough to entice you to part with your hard earned Government benefits then check out isleofwightfestival.com. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 0900 hours.

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