It Hurts us

Time for some shameless gossip, lashed with generous helpings of living vicariously through the fun and games of the soon to be rich and famous. The hottest and most prolific property around appears to be Hurts lead singer Theo Hutchcraft, who has apparently been boffing his way around Europe.

The electronic band are enormously popular on the continent, and especially in Germany, where they know a thing or two about the bip-bip of electro, and Hutchcraft has managed to bag himself one of the world’s most beautiful women: Sharmine Shahrivar. The former Playboy model, who has also been Miss Germany and Miss Europe, was obviously attracted to his delightful northern accent and arched eyebrows, not the fact that he is on the road to riches. Not that we’re jealous or anything.

‘Theo is a real ladies' man,’ said some source to The Sun. ‘The band are getting big in the UK but Europe has gone mental for them. They can't walk down the street in Germany without being mobbed.

‘That kind of success brings a lot of attention from models, and Theo caught the eye of Shermine. When they were over at the Bambi Awards last year they met up and hit it off. Since then they have been meeting up when they can.

‘She was planning to fly to Iceland on a private jet with Theo but it didn't work out in the end. They've kept in touch and have been arranging to see each other again next time the boys are in Germany. Theo got a bit of a fright when he realised she was dating the Twilight chap.’

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