It was a fluke

The drummer from newly-crowned Mercury Prize winners The xx has said that the sound of their eponymous album was a pure fluke that came about only because of the way the album was recorded.

Oliver Sim and the rest of the band became the latest group to have the Mercury millstone to be tied around their necks last night, and Sim explained that the space and atmosphere of the record was far from deliberate; in fact, it only sounded that way because it was recorded in a converted garage on a four track.

‘The space in the songs came from the limit¬ations that Romy and Olly had recording them,' Sim said to teh Daily Star. 'All they had was a multi-track recorder with room for four tracks. I [also] refuse to play live drums because so many bands have live drums. I don't think I could be as innovative on live drums.

‘Once we started the recording we went into vampire mode, we like working when most people are ready to go to sleep. Things flow easier, emotions are high, everybody in my house was asleep so there were no disruption. There's a certain type of stillness at night that helps the hushed tone in our music.’

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