It wasn't really working

Yesterday it was announced that legendary guitarist Johnny Marr had left The Cribs after nearly four years in the band, and now the band have explained why they decided to part ways.

The band, which was nominally a three piece of the brothers Ryan, Gary and Ross Jarman, wrote to their fans saying that they had tried to start recording again with Marr, but that ‘it wasn’t really working’. However, it’s not all bad news, and the group have got back together as a three-piece and are working on stuff as speak. Good news, indie boys and girls.

‘There were definite intentions of continuing on together and making another record,’ the three brothers wrote. ‘We even went into the studio with Edwyn Collins again last spring and started recording some stuff, but it just wasn't really working.

‘We were all pretty burnt at that point and that is why we decided that after eight years and four records we should take some time off.

‘At some point late last year we just casually got together out in Portland as a three-piece and it was so much fun. Johnny had started working on a solo record in the time off, and it just seemed like the right time to go our separate ways.

‘We have a bunch of new songs and are embracing the lo-fi again. It never was about fancy studios and LA and all that. We are back in our usual environment and feeling good about it. We've got everything we need.’

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