It's 2010's Thriller

We’re not entirely sure what it is about Michael Jackson that appears to appeal to hip-hop artists so much. Yes, in his day he was one hell of a pop star, and his Jackson 5 stuff is up there with some of the best pop music ever made, but, you know... he was rubbish for the 20 years that led up to his death, at least.

50 Cent is another one. Not only has he described Jackson as ‘special’, he’s also said that the song that he recorded with Jacko is the 2010 version of ‘Thriller’. What that means exactly we’re not sure, especially given that he never got to finish the song.

‘I don't usually get nervous, because I really don't care about a lot of the artists but Mike is special. He's different,’ he said. ‘I don't know how to explain it. When I sat down and listened to the actual song, I was excited. I said, ‘This is the 2010 version of 'Thriller’’.’

‘I missed an opportunity to be on a record not just with a great artist, but a legend,’ he said. ‘So I wanted more, and I made adjustments to my cadence so I don't sound like I sound on music that people have previously heard from me, because I'm adjusting to the production.’

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