It’s a Sunny Afternoon

Blur, The Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis, The Jam, The Clash, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, Led Zeppelin, The Who are just a handful of bands heavily influenced by The Kinks. This year The Kinks frontman and chief songwriter Ray Davies is back in the limelight thanks to a recent collaborations album and taking on curating duties at the Meltdown Festival in London.

It also appears he’s in the mood to strike while the metaphorical musical iron is hot because he’s just been added to the Hard Rock Calling festival bill. Already confirmed to play to a herd of beer bellys and bold spots are Bon Jovi, The Killers and Rod Stewart, with Ray Davies set to be the support act for the former.

Hard Rock Calling takes place in Hyde Park over the weekend of 24-26th June and all info, including tickets details can be found at Hardrockcalling.co.uk.

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