It’s Beatlemania, again

It was one of the worst kept secrets of all time (well, at lest the last 48 hours), but news that The Beatles back catalogue are available to download from iTunes has caused the world to go all Beatlemania on us, again.

At 3pm UK time the Fab Four’s repertoire hits the download store and after less than one day on, the UK charts are already awash with their classic ditties. Here are the latest figures;

Hey Jude at number 33
Twist & Shout 41
Let It Be 48
Here Comes The Sun 50
Twist & Shout (again) 60
Blackbird 66
I Saw Her Standing There 72
In My Life 74
Come Together 77
A Day In The Life 86

Expect this Sunday’s chart to be a choc-a-blocka with Beatles tunes top to bottom, bookmakers have also hedged their bets on this by making the entire UK singles top 10 before the end of the year being their songs at odds of only 10/1. Songs on iTunes are priced at 99p each, with albums at £10.99, or if you're smart you’d buy the albums on Amazon for £7.99 complete with higher quality sound, artwork and inner sleeves.

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