It's cringing time

In the history of British pop music there could hardly be a more cringe-worthy chart-topper than flamboyant one-hit wonder Chico Slimani, whose continued (albeit very rare) presence on the outskirts of the popular culture radar makes The Cheeky Girls and Mr Blobby seems like pop triumphs in comparison.

Anyway, in the absence of an official England World Cup song, Chico thinks he should be the one throwing himself into the breach, producing a brand new song that will bear no relation at all to his lonely 2005 hit ‘It’s Chico Time’. The song will be called ‘It’s Football Time.’ Just think about that for a second, and digest the sheer naffness of it: Chico substituting his dancing girls for tanned men in tights shorts kicking a ball amongst themselves, possibly even breakdancing while performing juggling tricks. Noooooo.

For a taste of the potential badness of it all, check out this 2006 video and try not to squirm in your seat too much.

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