It's just pop

Superstar R&B smooth groover Usher has had a terrible, hostile little jibe at the R&B talent being produced in the UK, saying that they’re bringing down the value of the genre, and of the charts, while derogatively calling it ‘pop’. Typical beastly Yank, absolutely no class, eh chaps?

The soul sensation has also got his terms all wrong in a very American way, and refuses to accept that his own brand of music is as about as pop as it gets. Americans, learn this: calling something ‘pop’ doesn’t mean it is inherently artistically worthless and wimpy. If it’s not heavy metal, classical music or underground hip-hop then it’s pop, and that’s all there is to it.

‘There’s a very fine line between what’s R&B and pop these days,’ said Usher to the Daily Star, forgetting that what he calls R&B has nothing to do with its original meaning, and comes straight from a pop tradition. ‘Just because it’s sung by a male minority doesn’t mean you’re urban or R&B. Those artists are pop. The true value of R&B has been brought down.’ Wrong.

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