It's not all Happy Mondays, you know

The 80s revival is more or less compete. We’ve had our new wave throwbacks, our punk throwbacks and the inexplicable return of the high top trainer, and now we’ve got ourselves a proper electro group in the style of the Human League: it’s all sharp suits and sideswipes, as well as wistful looks away from the camera for the boys from Hurts, oh yes.

The Manchester band are looking to make their home city a famous musical hub again, mostly so that we don’t have to have ageing, greying indie berks telling us the same old stories about The Hacienda, The Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Ecstasy and Tony Wilson, and with any luck they’ll be successful. Which given that they’re rocking some fresh styles with pop Queen Kylie Minogue, might be very soon.

‘It (Manchester) was such a hub of music a while back,' said Adam Anderson. 'It would be nice to make a mark. The expectation is exciting but the pressure we put on ourselves is so extreme. Coming from the point when you had nothing to being given a chance makes you work so hard. We can only do our best.

‘Obviously working with someone like Kylie gives you such confidence. It was an unbelievable experience, especially when you sit back and remember a year ago when we were on the dole, eating beans and living in an absolute abysmal excuse for a flat.

‘Every second of every day I now feel so lucky not to be there anymore. We just work, work, work so we don't have to go back to that point.’

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