It's not grim up north

We're not sure quite how this came about, but according to the Current Bun Britney Spears is looking north for her musical inspiration. Leeds to be precise.

The poptartlet had her people call dubstep producer Rusko to get the Leeds based nob twiddler to twiddle on her next track. Brit's comeback album (doesn't she have a comeback with every new record?) is due out in March, and she's been scouting British shores for cutting edge talent to help her put it together. A surprised sounding Rusko said, 'It's a bit random, but I'm so excited by the challenge. One track turned out amazing. It's proper hard dubstep.'

The Sun claims that Labrinth, Dr Luke and Chase and Status have had a hand in proceedings too.

So it's all hands to the decks for Britney. She makes producing an album look so easy. Oh hang on.....

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