It's not happening, McFly

There are some bands that, no matter how hard they try, will never be Rock ‘N’ Roll. It doesn’t matter how much you like to shout from the rooftops about your love of smack, or belting around cheap hookers in Las Vegas, once you’re in teeny pop land, that’s where you’re staying.

Exhibit A: McFly. They’ve got a new album – their fifth – coming out in early September, and they’ve been talking about their crazy wild days with producer Dallas Austin, who must hold the record for number of Texan cities in his name. They even went and looked at nudie girls in nudie bars. Those badass daredevils.

‘Dallas introduced us to Patron tequila,’ said Drummer Tom Fletcher, posing in a double hard fashion. ‘He almost killed us on a couple of occasions - it's lethal. He also really likes strip joints, so we'd hammer the tequila and then head off to these clubs.

‘One night we ended up going round Elton John's house in Atlanta for dinner with Dallas. It was a great time.’

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