It's official: Glastonbury is good for your sales

Pundits might tell you that record sales are dead, and that playing live is how bands will make their money from now on. But it seems the two aren't mutually exclusive. Price may have given a CD away to attendees of his London residency a few years ago, but it seems playing at Glastonbury can cause people to actually pay money for your records!

Muse, Gorillaz, Stevie Wonder, Vampire Weekend, The XX and The National have all seen a boost in sales since the weekend, according to the NME.

Muse's Friday night set saw sales of their most recent album, 'The Resistance,' nearly triple!

Given that we haven't even got round to watching the weekend's shenanigans on the BBC website - and we're sure we're not the only ones - the sales boost should persist for a few more days at least.

It seems music sales aren't dead after all, they just need a gigantic three-day event to boost them every now and then...

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