It's our Number 1 too

You know how we reported on Tinchy Stryder and his number one hit with N-Dubz, Number 1? Well it turns out by focussing on the tiny rapper (although admittedly only to make a crack about his diminutive standing), we've played our part in creating a rift between the group and Tinchy, which we're about to report on. You've got to love the media, eh?

Anyway, Dappy from N-Dubz has got the hump about Stryder taking all the credit and getting all the attention, and the tension has surfaced.

'Dappy’s not happy that a lot of the recent attention has focused on Tinchy,' a pal apparently said to the Sun. 'He feels he’s having his thunder stolen. They wrote the track together and he feels the rapper has taken all the glory for himself.

'They finished their tour together last weekend and tensions became unbearable towards the end of the trek.

'They had a series of rows and at one point had to be pulled apart — otherwise the scene could have turned very ugly indeed.' So we're sorry Dappy, you had just as big a role in the hit, now please don't beat each other up, ok?

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