It’s over

After learning that a persistent health problem will stop him playing the drums again, Phil Collins has decided to hang up his sticks once and for all and quit the music game.

The 60-year-old star of 80s film Buster said that now feels like ’a good time to stop’ and added ’ I don't think anyone's going to miss me.’

After a lifetime behind the drumkit, Collins has hearing problems, a dislocated vertebra and nerve damage in his hands.

In an interview with FHM, the singer-cum-sticksman revealed that he thinks listeners are ’sick’ of his music.

‘I look at the MTV Music Awards and I think: 'I can't be in the same business as this. I don't really belong to that world and I don't think anyone's going to miss me. I'm much happier just to write myself out of the script entirely.’

Collins joined Genesis in 1970 as drummer before usurping the Peter Gabriel as the group’s lead singer. He also enjoyed success as a solo artist in the 80s with In The Air Tonight, Against All Odds and Two Hearts his better known hits.

End of an era.

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