It’s raining, it’s pouring...

Did you spend hours hitting redial and refresh in a bid to get your hands on some tickets for Glastonbury Festival only to be left with nothing but a sore finger? Well, if you’re the bitter type you’ll be pleased to hear that the forecast for this weekend’s festival looks like being a bit of a wash-out.

According to the king of the weather charts Metcheck, Glasto 2011 will be a predictable mixed bag, a mixed bag full of water. The predictions are; Friday night will be worst hit (U2 headline then), with more splashes expected at random interval throughout the weekend. On the plus side, dry patches are due and even some sunshine, most likely on Sunday was temperature reach a mild 21C.

If you’ve been to Glastonbury though, you’ll know that no weather can ruin what is always the best weekend of the year. Yes, we’re in the bitter camp.

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