‘It’s So Cool’: Like mother, like daughter

After the success of their joint venture in the fashion world last year, Madonna has teamed up with her 14-year-old daughter Lourdes on a track called ‘It’s So Cool’.

The mother daughter duo, who previously combined efforts to create teen clothing range ‘Material Girl’, have collaborated on a song which looks set to feature either on her next album or on the soundtrack to her directorial debut movie ‘W.E’.

As music-news.com reports Madonna hopes that the collaboration will be the ‘springboard which launches Lourdes on the path to pop success’. A source told The Sun that ‘Madonna hopes Lourdes will step into her shoes and become one of the biggest female artists in the world. She is the perfect mentor for her daughter and is keen to assist her first steps into the music industry.'

’It’s So Cool’ was actually first recorded eight years ago in 2003, but was reworked and released via iTunes as a bonus track on the greatest hit LP ‘Celebration’ with Lourdes’ parts removed. Now that Lourdes’ vocals are back in, it looks like she is destined for greatness. Sources reveal that'Lourdes has a great voice and plenty of character like her mother.' Watch this space!

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