I’ve been Lily Allen, thank you & goodnight

If you weren’t there you definitely would have missed it, and that's shame because last night’s Lily Allen performance at London’s Wireless Festival was her last ever. For months, if not years, the poptart has been boring us with talk of her hanging up her microphone and calling it a day, but this time she’s finally done it - we think.

Jay-Z headlined the Hyde Park show and lil Lils was on just before. She waded through her back catalogue (hmmm, 2 albums), telling the crowd: ‘I appreciate that you were jumping up and down because this is probably my last gig in London for some time.’

Keith Allen’s daughter had said she will now concentrate on her own fashion line once she plays Spain's Benicassim Festival on July 18th. Hang on! Playing a gig on July 18th? So Hyde Park wasn’t the last ever show. We’ve been sold a reet kipper people! Everyone back to the day job - obviously that includes you Lily.

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