Ja Rule to stand trial on gun charges

Hey! Remember Ja Rule? The rapper? He was big for a while a while back. He did that song, um... (frantically googles) ah yes, 'Always on Time.' You didn't always know which songs were his because he used to get singers like Jennifer Lopez to do all the work.

Aaaanyway. Three years ago, Ja Rule was arrested for gun possession. Now, being signed to a record label called 'Murder Inc.' might seem incriminating, but despite his DNA being found on the gun, Mr. Rule's top-notch lawyers have earned their keep by convincing the courts the sample was too small to incriminate their client.

Until now. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers has ruled that issues about the DNA will have to be addressed in trial rather than being used to put it off any longer. Come August 18, Ja - or rather, Jeff Atkins, his real name - will be sworn in for trial.

Three years from crime to trial - is this his idea of being Always on Time...?

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