Jack Right

Well, this does genuinely sound like an interesting proposition. The Kinks released their concept album ‘Schoolboys In Disgrace’ in 1975 and it’s long been known that a silver screen adaptation is on the horizon, and according to reports none other than Jack White has been lined-up to record a film score for the project. Mmmm...

According to Screen Daily, Jack White is hot in talks to re-record the album to be used in the final movie, with avant-garde film makers Warp Film set to produce and Ray Davies of The Kinks to take up Executive Producing duties. The man charged with making the intriguing project happen is actor Bobcat Goldthwait who said; ‘It's the genesis story of a supervillain set to music. It's the story of the world’s most charming criminal and a realistic high school musical for all the kids who hate sugary, sweet, unrealistic high school musicals’.

It all sounds nothing short of awesome to us.

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