Jack White announces solo album

Former White Stripes, Raconteurs and Dead Weather frontman Jack White launches his solo career in 2012. His debut solo album Blunderbuss is scheduled for release on his own label in April.

The White Stripes split up in February 2011, and White has been spending his time with side-projects, collaborations and producing other artists. The solo album emerged by accident when he found himself with spare time in the studio after another artist failed to show up.

"These songs were written from scratch," White told Zane Lowe on the Radio 1 show. "They had nothing to do with anyone or anything else but my own expression, my own colours on my own canvas. I didn't really even think of recording under my own name for a long time. I thought, 'I've got the rest of my life to do that.'"

The early indications are that the Blunderbuss material is some distance from the familiar rootsy, bluesy sound of The White Stripes. The first song to emerge from the sessions is the single, Love Interruption, which features a muted clarinet, female backing vocals, and a noticeable absence of White’s trademark wailing electric guitar.

Rumours suggest the whole album will have a similarly discreet folk and country influence. Among those working alongside White on the album were Seasick Steve, Chris Thile of Nickel Creek and the Nashville songwriter Ruby Amanfu.

Jack’s former White Stripes colleague Meg White meanwhile, according to her website, is spending her time indulging her hobbies of photography and amateur taxidermy.

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