Jack White made ambassador for Nashville

All-round axe hero and big shot Rock ‘N’ Roll star Jack White has been made an ambassador for his hometown, Nashville, Tennessee, despite Nashville not being his hometown at all. The man was born in the dystopian, crumbling city of Detroit, so really he should be made to fight to the death with Eminem and the remaining members of D-12 for title of ‘Motor City Music Overlord’.

Anyway, despite being from about as far north as you can be without being in Canada, White excepted the first-ever Music City Ambassador award on Saturday, as a result of his long career in music and his Third Man Records label, which is based in Nashville.

‘Today's award recognises an individual who carries Nashville's diverse musical message worldwide,’ said Mayor Karl Dean. ‘Jack White's individual talent and unique creative spirit bridges gaps between genres and generations and I couldn't be more pleased to thank him for his work on behalf of the music industry and its hometown.’

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