Jacko next for hologram treatment?

Make it stop. Minutes after the hologram of the late Tupac Shakur appeared onstage at Coachella, dollar signs started lighting up in the eyes of those who manage the estates of the dead stars. The latest tour to be mooted is a Jackson Five reunion, featuring a hologram of Michael.

Big brother Jackie Jackson certainly seemed keen on the idea of seeing Michael Jackson digitally restored on stage with the rather ancient Jacksons. "It could have been Michael — absolutely," he told The Sun. "Wouldn’t that be wonderful? As a matter of fact, we had that idea two years ago for Michael’s Cirque du Soleil show."

A source told the newspaper that some people have already starting doing the sums and getting some big figures. A Jacksons tour could be "the most lucrative of all time".

Where there’s a seven figure cheque there is usually a way, and it helps that the Jacksons are family, rather than a bunch of greedy outsiders looking to cash in on the Michael Jackson aura before it begins to fade or the damaging biographies begin to get published. "As always with Michael’s estate and creating new art with his image, there will be a lot of politics to navigate," the source added. "But we've all seen how well it can be done now."

Meanwhile, there is talk of the Tupac hologram going on tour with the rappers he upstaged, Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. Dre himself seems to be getting a little over-excited by the technology, and is now talking about holograms of Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gaye.

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