Jacko's final rehearsal

Footage of Michael Jackson's final rehearsal has hit the web. The late King of Pop and his dancers are shown running through 'They Don't Really Care About Us' and despite looking dangerously thin, MJ seems surprisingly on top of his game. The only moment of strain on Jackson's face seems to be when the troupe hit the final note and hold for applause.

According to reports the full 100 hours of rehearsal footage could be made into a film or pay per view show, the proceeds of which would be used to shore up the Jackson estate which is allegedly $400 million in debt. The footage shows MJ in production meetings and auditions as well as him rehearsing both Beat It and Thriller. The CEO of the concert promoter AEG, Randy Phillips described the Thriller performance as "nine minutes of 3D visual insanity." He continued, "We have enough audio to make two live albums, and he's never done a live album...this is really the last great work of a 21st century genius."

In other MJ news, The Sun is describing the star's public memorial service as 'The Greatest Show on Earth'. The service is set to take place on Tuesday at the Staples Center in LA (where Jacko was last filmed rehearsing) with up to a million people in attendance and over 750 million more watching at home. The service will be broadcast to fans outside on giant TV screens.

Tributes from other stars will be performed, with Diana Ross, Liz Taylor, Paul McCartney and Barack Obama all said to be in attendance. Pundits say not only will it be the biggest funeral since Princess Diana's, but also bigger than Elvis'. The service starts on Tues at 10am and is expected to run for 2 hours.

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