Jackson brothers reunite

The brothers of Michael Jackson have been brushing up on their close harmony and dance moves in preparation for their first performances since the singer's death, with a Japanese-American pop star filling the shoes of the late great MJ himself.

Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine are due to appear together in Tokyo in October 2011, headlining two tribute concerts with R&B star AI. Who knows? If all goes well a world tour could be on the cards.

The Jacksons have planned a tribute concert before. An event was proposed for late August 2009 that was cancelled, and, afterwards, Jermaine Jackson announced a massive concert in Vienna, with Akon, Mary J Blige and Natalie Cole booked to perform. But this too failed to materialise. Details of the Tokyo concerts are as yet unknown, with no word on what the venue might be.

Michael Jackson’s mother is behind the events, and talked up her son’s love of Japan ‘It was one of Michael's favourite places in the world,’ she wrote in a letter. ‘He loved visiting this beautiful country and always felt much love from his millions of fans. By means of having Michael's brothers headlining the Tokyo tribute it would provide his followers with a true and complete perspective of Michael's artistic career and life as a brother.’

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