Jackson estate sued for $1 billion

The estate of the late Michael Jackson is being sued for $1 billion by a woman who claims to have been the inspiration for many of his biggest hits. Kimberley Griggs also says that Jackson had promised her that the rights to the songs would revert to her in the event of his death.

Griggs’s lawsuit claims that she had an intimate relationship with Jackson in 1979, and that many of his biggest hits, from massive-selling albums Thriller, Bad and Dangerous were written about their relationship.

So far, so delusional, the estate’s lawyers might argue, but so far they are declining to respond to the allegations. Given Jackson’s profligate spending during his lifetime, it’s very unlikely that the estate is worth anything near $1 billion.

Meanwhile an unreleased Jackson song has emerged with an appropriate title, given the current litigation. Don’t Be Messin’ Around has been released online and will feature on a repackaged reissue of the 1987 album Bad. It is believed to be an outtake from the original album sessions.

It has met with more approval than a collection of demos and outtakes released in 2010 under the title Michael. Members of the Jackson family criticised Sony Records for that release, claiming that many of the vocals were not genuine Michael Jackson recordings.

The secrets and myths surrounding what Jackson got up to in his lifetime continue to grow, with Griggs’s lawsuit the latest in what is bound to be a ceaseless series of lurid revelations about Jackson’s private life.

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