Jagger snubs Cameron

Mick Jagger has snubbed David Cameron, by pulling out of a tea party the British Prime Minister had organised at the Davos economic summit in Switzerland.

Jagger, who used to sing about being a Street Fighting Man, but these days is more of a Darjeeling and scones in a luxury hotel kind of man, was upset that the meeting might have been misinterpreted.

"During my career I have always eschewed party politics and came to Davos as a guest, as I thought it would be stimulating," Jagger explained. "I have always been interested in economics and world events. I now find myself being used as a political football and there has been a lot of comment about my political allegiances which are inaccurate. I think it's best I decline the invitation to the key event and curtail my visit."

Jagger was obviously hurt by press speculation suggesting that the singer was ready to come out as a supporter of Cameron’s government. A government source countered by saying, "At no point was there ever any suggestion that Sir Mick was a Conservative. He understandably wishes to remain apolitical. This is not a political event."

Jagger was supposed to be part of a bizarre British contingent that included the model Lily Cole and the inventor Tim Berners-Lee. The intention was to show that Britain was a thriving and industrious nation, despite the unfortunate timing of economic figures suggesting the opposite.

The afternoon tea-party was left a little short on internationally-famous names, although it is not thought that the notorious Smiths-fan Cameron asked Morrissey to step into the breach.

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