Jake Bugg keeping it real in album charts

Singer-songwriter Jake Bugg was elated to find his debut album went straight to the top of the charts. He tweeted that it was a triumph for authentic music ahead of talent-show pop. "I guess it proves my point," he said on Twitter. "People still want to hear guitar music. It’s my job to keep that X Factor sh*t off the top of the charts."

The 18 year-old is a tad hypocritical complaining about the influence of the media. The BBC identified his talent and showcased him at the Glastonbury Festival, helping him get a deal with Mercury Records, and giving his songs constant airplay.

Before his album was released he had already licensed a song for a beer commercial, so he is hardly the edgy street artist he would like to think. Some cynics have already suggested that his retro hillbilly-folk sound makes him the new Shakin’ Stevens rather than the new Dylan.

He is about to tour the US as a warm-up act for Snow Patrol and Noel Gallagher’s High-Flying Birds. Bugg will be performing solo, as economics make it impractical to bring his band.

"The guys in the band are gutted because they were all looking forward to it, but it just hasn't worked out this time," Bugg said. "When I’m on my own, some songs aren’t going to sound as good so I’ve been spending the last week practicing and sorting that out. Couldn't I ask Noel to back me up? Nah, I don’t think that’s going to happen!"

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