James Blunt’s ’filthy’ song

James Blunt got in a tussle to keep a saucy song on his latest album – as his record label deemed it too ‘filthy’ to make the final cut for the CD.

The sugary song-writer released album number three, Some Kind Of Trouble, back in November - but song Turn Me On was almost dropped from the record after pressure from prudish music bosses.

The powers that be at last agreed to include Turn Me On, but only as the last song following a silence of five seconds of silence to make sure it was separated from the rest of the tracks.

He tells Loose Women: ‘My record label didn't want it on the album at all. I wrote it in an over excited moment. I think (they wanted to leave it off) because they didn't think it would be appropriate... it's filthy.

‘So my album runs songs one to 11 and then there's a gap, and then there's song number 13, which is the unlucky song Turn Me On... You know behind closed doors I'm filthy.’

Perhaps we do – but we’d rather not think about it.

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