Japan charity album released

Two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the northern coast of Japan, an all-star charity album has already been released to aid reconstruction efforts.

Four big record labels - Sony , EMI, Universal and Warner - are working together to release the 38-track album, which will raise money for the Japanese Red Cross.

The album won't be out in the shops till April, but amazingly enough is already available on iTunes.

It features songs by the likes of Lady Gaga, John Lennon, Rihanna, Bon Jovi, REM, Nicki Minaj and John Mayer. (The NME has the full track list.) In other words, it's not very good. And some of the tracks aren't exactly exclusive - Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love' is about a million years old.

But still, it's for charidee, so...

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