Jarvis Cocker: Britain needs a Conservative government

Jarvis Cocker has told GQ that he thinks Britain needs a Conservative government next time round. The former Pulp front man spoke about his disillusionment with Labour and in particular the party leader and Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

"I think his [Gordon Brown's] behaviour just makes a mockery of the whole system," Cocker says in the interview. "A Conservative government is necessary. There is no credible alternative. You can sense an era passing."

But before you go branding the wiry singer a turncoat, Jarvis later told the NME that he in no way supports David Cameron or the Conservative party: "In no way am I supporting or suggesting that a Conservative government is a good thing, far from it. Rather, what I intended to get across was in the absence of any real alternative a Conservative government at the moment seems unfortunately seems inevitable."

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