Jarvis Cocker: “I’ve started washing”

Jarvis Cocker has admitted that hygiene has never been high on his list of priorities, but since he now has a new girlfriend he’s taken to a spot of ablution.

‘I've got a girlfriend now’ Jarvis the show-off told Absolute Radio, ‘so my hygiene's improved a bit, but I didn't used to bath that often.’

Also in the interview the Sheffield legend, who recently split from his French wife Camille Bidault-Waddington, said he thinks it's bizarre that people find him attractive: ‘it is a bit strange actually. I think that's why I'm quite surprised, because I did used to get 'four-eyes' and all that kind of thing, and so I suppose, because of that, when I see somebody clock me from the other side of the road and come towards me, I kind of cower, but then they're really nice to me, so its quite weird.'

Jarvis Cocker recently quashed rumours that his old band Pulp are to reform for Glastonbury 2010.

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