Jarvis Cocker to play gym gigs

For decades now so called ‘obese Britain’ has been brainwashed into thinking that going to the gym actually makes us lose weight. Millions of us reluctantly signed on the dotted line of a minimum 12 month contract at the local Fitness First, only to end up actually going, twice.

To encourage fatty booms booms to get fit Jarvis Cocker has announced he is to play a series of gigs for yoga and aerobics classes. The events, which are part of a ‘five-day art happening’ will see the gangly Pulp leg-end play various gyms in London in November. As well as vigorous stretching in glow in the dark lycra, attendees will be encouraged to bring instruments and jam together.

‘The Five-day art happening’ will take place at the Village Underground in East London from 7-11 November.

Daily Mail journalist Jan Moir is yet to comment.

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