Jay Z's pearls of wisdom

He's worth over 150 million dollars, so if anyone's in a position to dole out advice on making money, Jay Z is. Speaking to Newsbeat on the state of record companies today, the mogul opined, 'Records are not selling as many as they were before and you've still got to go out and pay the Bentley bill, people have to be smarter about how they A and R, and what they put out, record companies need to catch up to that, someone needs to send them the memo.'

Getting all nostalgic, he unwrapped a Worthers original and continued, 'I remember the first year I was at Def Jam we put out 56 artists. There's not 56 great artists in the world, and this is one company. One company operating for like, 80 artists in a year. That's just too many.'

Jay Z also found time to send out a plea to our favourite boozy warbler, Amy Winehouse, saying that he's 'just praying she doesn't turn into Lauryn Hill and we never get another album'. We'll drink to that...

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