Jay-Z reveals all

Business man, rapper and all round music mogul Jay-Z is reportedly putting pen to paper again; not to smoke some buster with some rough bars, but to chronicle his somewhat eventful life in the form of a book. An Autobiography, to be precise.

The Jiggaman is scribbling away on his warts-and-all autobiography, which he apparently is going to talk about everything, including his time as a drug dealer in his native Brooklyn (as if he hasn’t spoken about that enough already), and his fatherless childhood in the notorious Marcy Projects. He will also b e talking about getting married to Beyonce, but really, who cares about that? Give us the drugs guns and money Jay, that's what we want.

‘It's going to cover everything from his days on the streets as a drug dealer to his fairytale wedding to Bey,' said some source. 'He'll also be revealing his rapping secrets.’ Which sounds oddly like he’s releasing a cook book with secret recipes, but there you go.

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