Jay-Z v Noel Gallagher: round 12,645

You thought that the spat between Jay-Z and Noel Gallagher had run out of legs over a year ago? You think wrong. The man of Jigga couldn’t help but make it clear just how important his appearance at Glastonbury last year was. Just for the record, it was very important indeed.

‘That was like winning the first Grammy for me,’ said Hova, in the rather bizarre setting of The Andrew Marr Show. ‘It was one of those times where, you know…almost like knocking the door down.’

After bigging himself up (allow it, he is a rapper) Jay-Z also accused grumpy Gallagher of being an old man with archaic views. Which in fairness, is entirely true. ‘Noel Gallagher, I think he perpetuated the old way of thinking. We don't think like that, or listen to music like that. On my iPod is The Beatles, Jay-Z, Kings Of Leon, Lil Wayne, Grizzly Bear, Arctic Monkeys. I listen to a diverse arrangement of music, and I think that's how kids listen to music now.’

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