Jed We Can't

Music fans everywhere can sleep a little easier after Jedward, the nation's favourite/most hated novelty act reached number two in the UK top 40 with their single 'Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby). The duo were beaten by Owl City, number one for the third week in a row.

John, bravely remaining upbeat, told Radio One that they were happy with second place: 'Oh my God, we are so excited. We had so much to prove. This is our first single, and being number two is amazing. We're only new artists and most people who have come off the show haven't done as well as we've done. A lot of people have a certain opinion - 'I know music' - but we want to thank all our fans for all of their support all week.'

The brave little lads must be worried that it's only a matter of time before they're fighting Steve Brookstein for his regular slot performing to diners at Pizza Express.

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