Jessie J pulls out of Katy Perry tour

Poor old Jessie J: the Brit pop star looked like she was on the up and up with her musical career, topping the charts with her songs and playing sold out arena gig to thousands of baying fans. Why, she was even just starting to see her name spread outside of Blighty's borders and into the rest of the world, getting herself a place as the support act on Katy Perry's California Dreams tour.

So you can understand why she's so gutted at having to pull out of the USA leg of the tour because of her broken foot: if ever there was an opportunity to get your name out there to millions of pop fans, that was it. As it stands though she's staying at home, and Ellie Goulding will be taking her place. To the winner the spoils; the loser, only tears.

'Having a cry about having to pull out of the Katy Perry's tour,' said the poor lass on Twitter. 'I am as upset as my #heartbeats (fans) believe me. My foot is just not healing as well as I hoped.'

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