Joaquin Phoenix & Tim Burgess: making sweet music

Uh oh. Joaquin Phoenix is busy hashing together an album - a musical album, because like countless foolish thespians before him he fancies his chances as a rock star.

Joaquin has teamed up with Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess to make an album after learning how to play the guitar for his role as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line..

Burgess, who recently spoke of enjoying running marathons on while on e said of Phoenix, "Once he learned guitar, he found that he had quite a lot of demons inside himself that he wanted to expel through music".

But Burgess thinks the chances of the album ever seeing the light of day are slim to none, because Joaquin's inherent perfectionism is getting in the way.

"I think he just keeps scrapping everything or redoing everything. I'm sad to say that I think it's one of those records that may never come out to be honest with you." (Burgess)

Oh well.

Phoenix shows off a developed sense of humour as he accepts his People's Choice Award.

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