John Lennon Festival announced

If we had to compile a list of the most under-appreciated musicians, John Lennon certainly wouldn't make the top 10. And the celebration of the sarky Liverpuddlian continues with a two month festival commemorating his life in the city of his birth. The festivities will commence on October 9 - Lennon's 70th birthday and will run until December 9 - poignantly the day after he was fatally shot.

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool (surely the kind of public figure Lennon would have taking great delight in mocking) told the BBC: 'John Lennon is one of the most iconic figures of the 20th Century and a Liverpool lad who became known in every corner of the globe, his enduring message of peace is as important now as ever and continues to be an inspiration to many. The John Lennon Tribute Season will allow us to remember him as a man, celebrate his music, and his overall contribution to our city.'

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