Johnny Deep Pockets

If any of us was offered the choice of £5million or a night out in Sheffield, the chances are noone would be shouting ‘bagsy’ for the latter. That's because none of us is Johnny Depp.

According to The Metro, Johnny Deep Pockets was offered a cool £5m to do a Lost In Translation style soft drinks commercial in Japan, but he chose to play with his favourite band Babybird in Sheffield.

‘Johnny is desperate to play with them,’ reports the newspaper’s source, ‘when you’re earning the amount he does, more money isn’t important. It’s doing what you love that counts, and he’s not missing out on this opportunity.’

It’s been no secret that the A-Lister has been a big fan of the ‘You’re Gorgeous’ band for ages, playing guitar on their latest album and directing their new single ‘Unlovable’ below.

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