Johnny Depp Records

Right, we’re thinking this story is a load of nonsense but we’re going to report it anyhow, if only because it’s about the one and only Johnny Depp. It’s well known that the A-list actor has a love for music, having played guitar for Oasis and, more recently assisted in the knob-twiddling department on Babybird’s new album. Following from this, The Sun are leading with the story that Johnny D is about to launch his very own record label.

As expected, facts aren’t just thin on the ground, they’re non existent - unless you included this from one of their sources: ‘Johnny has always been passionate about music. He's taking a really hands-on approach to signing acts. Obviously he can't get to as many gigs as he would like but he's got a good team around him and will personally vet any signings that they make.’

So it could be true, it could be rubbish. We shall see, or we shan't.

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