Jon Bon Jovi still alive – official

Jon Bon Jovi took to Facebook to quash rumours of his death. Billboard reports that the internet hoax began with a story on the website Dailynewbloginternational suggesting that the 49 year-old had died after a cardiac arrest.

The king of the stadium soft-rock scene offered a quick response, with a picture of him smiling in front of a Christmas tree holding a piece of paper with that day’s date written on it. The Facebook post offered the tagline "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey".

Jon Bon Jovi may be alive and kicking, but his band’s creative spark appears to be a little moribund. They have spent the last two years remorselessly promoting their 2009 album The Circle around the globe.

Bon Jovi has still found time for a little acting. He has a bit part in Garry Marshall’s romantic comedy New Year’s Eve, hardly much of a stretch as he plays a hair-metal musician called Jensen. The film has received some of the most vitriolic reviews in living memory, but he escapes most of the jibes for once.

That’s not the case with a ludicrous commercial for the American painkiller Advil, in which Bon Jovi describes himself as "father, philanthropist, singer-songwriter." to much online ridicule.

Far more worthy of praise is Bon Jovi’s initiative in setting up the Soul Kitchen in New Jersey. This restaurant asks diners to pay only what they can afford, or to earn their meals by volunteering in the kitchen. The singer describes it as an attempt to change traditional views of a soup kitchen for homeless people.

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